Property surveys, diagnostic compulsory in France

If you want to sell your property (flat or house), it is your responsibility to carry out and pay for certain compulsory diagnostic surveys.
They are determined according to the date of construction of the building, the nature (flat or house), its location in France and whether you are selling or renting the property to others. The purpose of these reports is to provide certain information to the buyer or tenant regarding the condition of the property, and they are an integral part of the deed of sale or lease agreement.
These surveys focus on issues concerning health, safety and the environment, and do not constitute a full structural survey such as required in the UK or Ireland. Such a full survey needs to be commissioned separately if the buyer/tenant wants one and the responsibility for  payment will have to be discussed between the parties concerned.
The agents at Agence Générale de Sablé will be able to guide yo as to whether you should consider having a full property survey carried out in addition to the standard compulsory reports. 

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