Le Mans, the great city of the Sarthe

Le Mans is
the biggest - and a very attractive - city of the Sarthe; it is especially known for
hosting one of the most challenging car races of all time: the Le Mans 24 Hours, on its mythical

But Le Mans has much more to
offer. Its old city - called the Plantagenet city - is an outstanding
architectural complex encircled by Europe’s
best preserved Roman defensive wall
(third century), in fact a number of film
makers have chosen to shoot in this beautifully preserved old town.

The area of
Le Mans offers
also a 450-hectare nature park just 10 minutes from its center where walkers
and bikers can explore the river, the wooded areas and the nearby forest. Many other
activities are available in the vicinity, such as two golf courses and numerous shops,
restaurants, bars and any commerce can be found in this very attractive city.

Le Mans is very easy to access thanks to its motorway and its TGV train station
with Paris only
55 minutes away.

Nearest ferry port:
- Caen: 176 km - 109 miles – 1h45

- Saint-Malo: 223 km - 138 miles - 2h15


Local airports 
- Angers: 78 km - 48 miles - 50 minutes

- Tours: 100 km - 62 miles – 1h

- Nantes: 200 km - 124 miles – 2h

All these airports offer direct air links from

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